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Over 10,000 babies delivered- and counting!  Let Dr. McDonald and Dr. Wilson and the caring staff of OB/GYN Specialists help you through all your pregnant and female health needs. OB/GYN Specialists in Denton, Texas, is a PRO-LIFE practice ready to treat you and your family with the highest degree of dignity and quality of care. Trust us with any questions or assistance you may need with our 28 years of combined experience.

Savings, OB/GYN Physician in Denton, TX

Applies only to new patients, and can be redeemed after obstetrical visits.

We’ve Been There
If you’ve ever dealt with inconsiderate offices and doctors, we understand. Dr. McDonald and Dr. Wilson began this practice after seeing how women were being mistreated and neglected at other practices.

We offer aggressive and state of the art work ups and treatments for sensitive issues such as pelvic pain, infertility, and miscarriages. Expectant women can trust us for expert and compassionate care all the way through to delivery.

What Sets Us Apart?
1.  We're a collaborative medical practice that respects your beliefs and desires; and gets you actively involved in your care and treatment.

2.  You will be treated with respect and dignity as a part of our family.

3.  Both doctors are Board Certified and highly awarded for their teaching, academic success, research, and surgical skills.

4.  When you make an appointment with Dr. McDonald or Dr. Wilson, you will see Dr. McDonald or Dr. Wilson.  We don't have you see a nurse practitioner or midwife.

5.  We recognize human life begins at conception and work diligently to prevent miscarriage.

6.  Dr. McDonald and Dr. Wilson are Medical Directors and/or Advisers to all crisis pregnancy centers in the DFW area.

7.  The only practice in Denton that specializes in safe and natural alternatives to hormonal contraception. 

8.  Free 4D ultrasounds to all of our newly pregnant patients.

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